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Apple and Google’s approval guidelines are extremely strict
and must be followed to get your app approved.

Apps No-Go List

Apple and Google’s approval guidelines are extremely strict and must be followed to get your app approved. You can find further information about these below:

Apple App Store Guidelines:

Google Play Guidelines:

As examples, apps will be rejected if they violate two of Apple’s and Google’s biggest rules:

  • Apps cannot be solely marketing in nature, meaning the app cannot simply list your services or things your company has done. There must be useful functions to the app.
  • They must contain dynamic content. Will someone find the need to open this App more than once? If not, Apple and Google are very likely not to approve it.

Even if you believe the app does not violate these rules and has a useful purpose, if it falls within the No-Go Apps List (Part 1) then Apple and / or Google will still reject it.

In addition, our software and hosting platform licence has usage rules (Part 2) about the types of apps and clients for whom we can approve apps.

The following Apps will not be approved or uploaded (with the possible exception of a PWA). We will not knowingly agree to build or upload apps that fall within a category from this list in order to save both sides the time, headache and disappointment involved.


Part 1 (Apple and Google No-Go)

  • App that does not comply with the relevant App Store guidelines. As referred to above.
  • App for an App Company – For example, your client’s name is Mobile App Masters and you want to create the “Mobile App Masters App”.
  • App for a Marketing/ PR / Website Design Companies or any app with “marketing” or a similar word in the name.
  • App for a wedding or personal event – Such apps have no long-term value in the marketplace and are usually single-use. Apple and Google do not want dead apps floating around their app store, so do not approve them.
  • App with adult content – Any app with overt adult themes, nudity or questionable content (for example app for a gentlemen’s club, escort services, adult entertainers).
  • App that is illegal or contains illegal content.

Part 2 (Software & Hosting Licence No-Go)

  • App for a business that lacks high quality images and dynamic content.
  • E-commerce App that requires full content population (we can build e-commerce apps where we add a maximum of up to 5 products).
  • App in a language other than English.
  • App for a personal or consumer client (only business clients).
  • App for any client that is not an unlisted, privately owned SME client (small or medium enterprise).
  • App that does not comply with our Apps Site Usage Policy.