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It’s absolutely one of the best decisions we’ve made.


Our clients think the app is very profesional.


We can put all of our treatments that are available on there.

It’s a cost-effective way of promoting your business to the masses.


The Service we’ve been given is absolutely brilliant.

Everybody has a phone these days.


We get orders straight off the computer and have them ready.


Nobody queues any more.

We need to evolve and get our message out there.


The majority of people are using smartphones these days, an app is a must-have, really.


It’s saved us a lot of admin time.


We’ve had 900+ downloads in one month.

Every business should have an app, it’s the sensible option.


We’ve had 900 downloads now, pretty good, that’s a lot of new customers.


Customer retention, keeping people notified is important to us.


The fans want to know everything that is going on with the players .


People can buy ticketing off the app.

The loyalty scheme is great.


We can put push notifications on there, special offers, promotions.


Our customers love the app, love the design.