Digital Media Design

Digital Media Design

Noyo Design is based in Central Scotland and can design, build and deliver, smartphone apps and super-fast, responsive, websites that will advance your business or enterprise’s digital marketing strategy.

We also provide digital photography and CAD for photomask layout design services.

Not on your own

Technology can be complex and maybe daunting for some. Even if you are confident with computers and the internet, people in business are busy and often don’t have the time or breadth of knowledge to bring together everything that is required as an effective entity.

We recognise that everyone is unique. No one knows your business like you do. We work with you to understand your ethos and assist you achieve your internet marketing goals.


Noyo Design was founded in 2019, by Norman Young who brings many years experience to the business:

  • 10+ years as a Freelance, Website Developer and Photographer.
  • 10+ years of Photomask Layout and Design, in the Semiconductor and Photonics industry.
  • Almost 10 years in the printing trade as the owner of a small offset litho operation, mainly producing business stationery.

He is also qualified with a B.Eng Degree in Advanced Manufacturing and a Pg.D in Software Technology for the Web.

Effective outcomes

At a casual glance, these may seem to be an unusual mix. However, they all involve the organising and layout of visual information or data in a logical and structured manner. They all utilise digital technology to affect outcomes that are functional, useful and aesthetically pleasing, as appropriate.

Smartphone ubiquity

As the world has progressively gone online, keeping ‘ahead of the curve’ is paramount.

Almost everyone has a smartphone and they have it close to them, almost always. Internet marketing via Apps and Responsive Websites is key for businesses and other enterprises.

We can help

Noyo Design can keep you at the forefront.

We use the latest software and technology to provide the best experiences.

Please enjoy browsing our website and do get in touch for a free, no obligation and no jargon chat.

We can help.


The photography pages of this website are still a work in progress but you can see some of Norman’s photography on his portfolio website. Click here to visit. (Opens in a new tab/window).


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Mobile Apps

Responsive Websites


Photomask Design

Noyo Design is a mobile app developer, building smartphone apps and responsive websites for customers in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling, Livingston, The Scottish Borders and throughout Scotland. We are a Licensee of Eazi-Apps