Planar Fibre Optics



Photomask Layout

Noyo Design can provide Computer Aided Draughting (CAD) of photomask layouts, at chip or wafer level, and facilitate photomask procurement.

Our services are designed to provide start-up or SMEs with a CAD layout resource.

In the early stages of a new business it can be hard to justify the cost of software or employing someone that has the specialist skills. Indeed, there may not be sufficient work to occupy someone in a full-time role or permanently.

Muddling through with Open Source software may be time-consuming and may not produce the best outcomes.

We use structured, cell-based, methodologies to simplify the design process and ensure compliance with design rules.

We use scripting and visual graphics software, with web-based cloud reviewing options, to generate Oasis or GDS format files. We can also prepare photomask order forms.

Our staff has a broad education to post-graduate level, and industry experience within science and hi-tech, engineering environments, from small businesses to global ‘blue chip’ corporations.

If your business, educational or research establishment requires a photomask layout resource, either because you need extra capacity or if you have occasional projects, do get in touch.