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Privacy Policy and GDPR compliance


Noyo Design Ltd. collects information submitted via the forms on this website, via email, via text (SMS), phone messages, personal conversation, conventional mail or other printed/written matter.

This information may be stored in our email client, phone systems, IT systems or in our CRM database.

The information will be used to communicate with clients and prospective clients in order to progress the required business and to keep records of the business.

Information collected typically relates to contact details and information relating to the business requirement, such as app, website content or product designs. Apart from names, no information of an intrinsic private or personal nature is required or stored.

Financial transactions and related information is normally processed via agreed third parties (subject to their terms, conditions and policies), so Noyo Design Ltd. does not see or store client’s bank or card details unless consensually provided by the client.

No business information provided will be published and will only be kept while business is current, in accordance with any legal requirements or for a period of 12 months following termination of business.

Information or other data specifically provided by the client for inclusion in an app, website or other publication medium, may be retained for reference and archival, indefinitely, at the discretion of Noyo Design Ltd. or by a term agreed with the client.

Clients warrant that any info provided for publication is compliant with GDPR and hold Noyo Design Ltd. harmless of any violations.

We aim to keep all digital information secure by implementing a regular backup regime and maintaining best practices in local IT and cloud security.

Information will not be shared with any third parties unless required by law or only with the consent of the client in the legitimate course of the business transaction.

The Data Protection Officer is the Company Director and legitimate information requests about data digitally stored by Noyo Design Ltd. will be respected within 30 days.

Products or services provided by Noyo Design Ltd. under licence for Eazi_Apps are subject to their privacy policy which can be found here: Eazi-Apps Privacy Policy