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Discounted deals for ‘Unlock 2020’

Our packages include an initial payment to cover the cost of setting up your account and customer access portal, followed by a monthly subscription which covers the cost of hosting and maintaining the portal, and basic updates. Significant additional content or subsequent updates would incur additional costs.

Monthly subscriptions are charged on all ‘live’ PWAs or Native Apps on the first of each month. Customers can terminate their PWA or Native App at any time, however, once paid, no refunds of deposits, subscriptions or partial month refunds are allowed. Non payment will result in user access being terminated and deletion of the PWA and/or Native App. Once PWAs or Native Apps are deleted they cannot be restored without a complete rebuild, chargeable at normal cost.

The basic app packages include really, great features that are ideal for many small businesses. Some businesses may wish to incorporate more advanced feature integrations which could incur additional set up costs and/or subscriptions,

*Subject to content limits, T&Cs & VAT.

For native apps, an Apple Developer account is required by the customer. We can help set this up but the customer must apply for it themselves and there is normally a fee, currently $99.